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Mortgage Rates this week

For more information contact: Joe Bowling NMLS# 72069 Direct - 678-695-8552 Fax – 866-546-7950. Toll Free - 866-637-4568 Source for rates: Mortgage News Daily  
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Stay on top of today’s mortgage rates

Call for today's best rates: Joe Bowling, NMLS# 72069, Direct - 678-695-8552, Fax – 866-546-7950, Toll Free - 866-637-4568 Source  
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Mortgage Rates Today May 2017

Find out more about today's rates and how to get your loan started Contact: Joe Bowling, 678-695-8552, TJC Mortgage Click Here to Read more about what's  happening in Mortgages and today's Rates.    
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Mortgage Rates for 5/12

30 Year Fixed 3.63% 15 Year Fixed 2.92% FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.25% Jumbo 30 Year Fixed 3.62% 5/1 Yr Arm 3.04%   Source:
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You want to start investing but are not sure where to start. Here are 5 things you need to know!

  1. Know how you will fund this. If  you can borrow 80% of the price of the home and not pay out the entire amount in cash, you are "leveraging" your money. This can be a smart way to have your cake and eat it to. Talk to a lender to see what options you have.Here is more information about funding your purchase: LINK We can always recommend someone for you to speak with and weigh out your options.
  2. Understand the tax advantages and disadvantages. Here is a link to the IRS guidelines to owning rental property. LINK  It can be a great way to build equity in an investment and then write off expenses.
  3.  Learn the Math of rental properties. Learn how to understand the cash flow of your rental property. If you owe $1,000 a month in mortgage payment and the operating expenses are $300 a month then the rent needs to be in excess of $1300 in order to make  a profit. Make sure that the area your property is in can support the rent amount you need. Here is a link to
  4. Understand your roll as a landlord. As a landlord you will have responsibilities and also you will not want to be taken advantage of by your tenants. Here is a link to the GA Landlord/Tenant Handbook. LINK
  5. Work with an agent to find the best value.  Your local Real Estate agent is the key to finding the right place. Look where there is new development and where people can get to easy transpiration to get to work and school. If there is not a home available immediately. Wait, there will be. Be patient, don't just buy something to buy something. Contact us and we can help, or find someone in your area to help you find the right place.


More information and Source of some of the above: SF Gate


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