How to Create Awesome Functional Design Spaces In Your Home

Functional DESIGN

Atlanta is home to more than just Falcons football, Coke-a-Cola products, and an overabundance of streets named Peachtree.  There is also wonderful mild winter temperatures, amazing southern eateries, and so many places to see and things to do, that even after living here for four years I have yet to conquer most of them.  And if the Botanical Gardens, Georgia Aquarium, and any and every music concert weren’t enough, you can take a short road trip out of town to see some of the country’s most beautiful mountains or head the other direction to find yourself with toes in the sand along a gorgeous beach.  This is why I love Atlanta, there’s so much to do you will never get bored!

You won’t want to be spending your free time working on a home that leaves something to be desired.  Trust me, you will want to be exploring Atlanta!  So, let me give you a few quick pointers before you head out the door, on how to create functional design spaces so that you can stop worrying over how your space doesn’t feel “just right”!  Let’s think organized, purposeful, and functional.

Open spaces: Open spaces look larger and are bright and inviting.  You can achieve an open look by knocking down walls, opening up windows for increased visibility and beautiful lighting, and organizing cabinetry for increased storage.  Staying organized and avoiding clutter will make your space feel much more open. For example, my desk looks like a tornado blew through it by week’s end, but because my desk is in a closet, I can just close it’s doors and welcome in the weekend and an organized, open room!

Working With Height: Highly functional spaces do a great job with using height to their advantage.  Taller cabinets allow for more storage, bunk beds allow for more floor space (and more fun!), and taller bookshelves not only allow for more storage but help bring eyes up to create more visual space!

Bringing In Function With Furniture: Furniture can be used to bring more purpose and function to a room.  A freestanding armoire can pull double-duty as storage and as a room divider.  Kitchen islands are another good example, as they combine meal prep with storage and/or seating and serving.

Whichever functional design concepts you choose to incorporate into your design space, I am sure it will give you more time to relax and explore that great city of Atlanta!  Happy designing and happy exploring!



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