Why Atlanta is so Freaking Awesome!

By: Meghan Riley Parham 12/18/2015

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Atlanta has been noted one of the one of the Top 5 cities to move to in 2016 and the Tip Tip HOT city for the Millennial, crowd. I have been in the ATL since 1991 and although I swore I would be gone by the 1996 Olympics ... here I am and here I will stay for some time to come.

Atlanta is known by the names of "The Phoenix"and "Vortex" (I have heard people call it this name in particular because it sucks you in) . The city is also known as the "Big Peach" where people's minds are open and their hearts are warm.

Need even more reasons to LOVE Atlanta? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should  LOVE Atlanta as much as I do!... Oh yeah, feel free to tell your friends who are freezing their butts off in Boston or fighting the traffic in LA.

  1. Our walls are ALIVE! The Living Wall Project brings conversation, art, urban landscapes and international talent together. As you cruise through the streets of  our Atlanta neighborhoods you can see anything from colorful, pastel organic abstract designs like Molly Rose Freeman created at Oakdale Rd and Dekalb Ave to the Amazing Alligator that was painted by ROA near the 5 point MARTA station. These walls create interest, culture and wonderful visual landscape for our ever changing city.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.53.14 AMScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.55.59 AM image source: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/mar/18/top-10-art-galleries-attractions-atlanta

2. We don't mind Belts!! Have you been on the Beltline? If you live in Atlanta and have not visited the belt-line just yet, grab your bike or your comfy shoes and get on it! This is where you can find art, people and the outdoors. The beltline  runs along restaurants and shops whileconnecting our wonderful parks and neighborhoods.

For me, it is a place to quiet my mind and run (or walk). It has been a wonderful place for me to go and truly experience the love I have for this city. There is so much more to learn and get involved in. Take advantage of the opportunities! Learn, Engage, Support and Volunteer.



3. We love food!!! Atlanta is known for our restaurants and more keep coming. If you want to know what is the hot new place check out Eater Heatmap. They know their stuff. Here are three places with grub to die for, I couldn't have picked better myself!

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4. Sports... we have it going on all the time, every sport for every occasion. Whether you have kids that you want to keep active or want to catch a professional game, Atlanta has lots to choose from. The Braves, Hawks and yes the Falcons are givens but don't forget the PGA Tour Championship at our own East Lake Golf Club or Our "kickin' Silverbacks soccer team. And as for the kiddies.. they can get educated about fitness for life with Crossfit Kids or get out there and work it with LaCrosse  in the LAX club or go for the Goal with soccer and Inter Atlanta F.C. Blues. What ever you want to do, you can find it here!


5. I know this is supposed to be first, because I am a Real Estate Agent.  There are so many wonderful things, so I saved the best for last!

Homes here.. are affordable! In Boston for $465,000 you can get a 1 bedroom/1 bath condo at 524 s/f.

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That same price can get you a 3 bedroom/ 1  bath Home in Morningside (not too shabby) that is 1392 s/f  renovated, professionally landscaped and has a basement! This gem is located 1478 Kay Lane.. Click here to check it out.

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And if you don't want to fight that L.A. traffic or spend  $1,099,000 that you would put toward this 1458 s/f 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Home (car is not included.. sorry) in Los Angeles, look no further.

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In the ATL for a mere $1,099,000 you can hang your hat in the Buckhead area in this 4 Bedroom/ 3.5 Bath 3,874 s/f home and live in the lap of luxury. This personal size castle is located at 31 26th Street, Click here to check it out.

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So there you have it. There are many more reasons why this city has stolen my heart over the last 24 years, but that will have to do for now. If someone could dig out a coast, I would never leave!


Ref for Boston and LA real estate information: RealtyTrac.com, Image source at top of page: http://i.imgur.com/xftioa6.png, Image source: http://sociopass.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Atlanta_CVB_Logo.jpg

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