Find your ZEN in the change of the Sun!

Is Daylight Savings time messing with your ZEN?

      Here are the benefits courtesy of Stanford(complete article here)

  • It shifts summer daylight to evening hours, when it can be enjoyed more. I think this is a good reason.
  • It saves energy, because people don’t use their lights as much in the evening. Back when lights were the main use of energy, I think this was a bigger justification.
  • It reduces accidents, because people are less likely to be driving in the dark. Hm.
  • It keeps sunrise time in a narrower range, as you can see from the blue line on this graph. Without DST, you either have the sun rising way too early in summer, or you have the sun rising way too late in the winter. 🙁

And then remember you can find HAPPINESS in the Sunshine!

abcs-of-happiness1(Create your own sunshine ABS'c- click here)


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