Drink of the Week: Lemon Basil Martini

lemon basil

  1. Add fresh basil leaves, lemon juice and simple syrup in cocktail shaker and muddle basil leaves. Let it soak in lemon juice for couple of minutes. This will let basil flavor mix well in resulting drink.
  2. Add crushed ice in cocktail shaker. Pour citrus vodka over it and shake well for 25-30 seconds.
  3. Take chilled martini glass, strain and pour lemon and basil mixed drink in it.
  4. Skew basil sprig and lemon wedge in cocktail skewer and garnish martini as shown in photo above.
Tips and Variations:

  • Martinis give best flavor when served in chilled cocktail glass. Bury serving glass in 3 cups crushed ice for 5 minutes before preparing this cocktail.
  • If simple syrup is not available then replace it with 1 teaspoon super fine bar sugar. Shake vigorously to make sure that it dissolves completely.
  • Add a splash of Limoncello for extra citrus flavor.
  • If vodka is not your favorite spirit, then replace it with gin in same measure.
Serving Ideas: Serve it straight up in martini glass or with ice cubes in old-fashioned short glass for a change.
source: http://foodviva.com/martini-recipes/lemon-basil-martini-recipe/

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