Featured Area…Riverside

Looking for an area to keep your Zen this year? Take a walk by the River.

Riverside is an area that follows the riverbed and named for it's river boundary. It is a within the  Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area . If you haven't been there lately...you should go soon.

River at East_Palisades


Riverside is bordered by the Chattahoochee River to the north, Jackson Parkway to the west, Southern Railway train tracks to the south and Paul Avenue to the east. Bolton Road is the main arterial street that runs through the neighborhood and at the intersection with Main Street is a small village center with a restaurant, fire station (City of Atlanta Fire Station 28), car wash and thrift shop. The neighborhood is encompassed in the 30318 ZIP code.


The area that is now known as Riverside started as a working plantation, known as the Spink Estate after its owner, James W. Spink. Spink sold the first lots, which are now occupied by the residence and carriage house at the intersection of Spink Street and Hollywood Road ,for the start of this new community in 1892. An article in the Atlanta Constitution dated June 9, 1892 was titled “Atlanta on the Chattahoochee – The City Has Gone Clear To the River – The Sale at Riverside.” One of the main streets of the neighborhood is called Spink Street. Spink died suddenly in 1906 and Spink’s widow, Elizabeth, continued to live in Riverside until her death in 1910. In 1914, the remainder of the Spink Estate was sold as 300 lots and 20 small farms. In time, the farms gave way to more houses. Riverside was annexed into the city of Atlanta in 1952. Today, Riverside is a prosperous community in which older houses are being renovated or torn down to make way for new larger homes


Source: Wikipedia

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