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Kids and Exercise: What you really need to know

Posted by Emily Oppelt on 10/5/2012 to Raising Genius Heads Kids

Ok, so, I've been slacking on my regular exercise routine lately. I reached my goal of completing an extreme obstacle course 4 mile run a month ago and, subconsciously I suppose, decided I was done training. Now I'm feeling it. As we're planning a trip out of town, my oldest daughter asks me to wake her up early the next day so she can pack before school. "Wake me up when you get up to exercise." This comment reminded me that I was slacking... And I thought, hmmm. I guess the kids really do pay attention to the behaviors I model--even if it IS at 5:00 am and (I thought) they're asleep.

So what do kids really need in order to be a healthy eater and exerciser? Of course it varies from what adults need but what SHOULD we be modeling and what will result in a healthy attitude of body image and a healthy lifestyle?

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