Life Lessons: Footprints…

Posted by Terri Fedonczak

Life Coach

A Life in Balance


I had a dream the other night about recycling. As I was doing my dream analysis (one of my favorite coaching tools), the symbol of recycling was revealed to be more than just guilt about throwing away that empty plastic container last week. In the dream, I was very concerned with my carbon footprint. After the analysis, it was revealed that my carbon footprint was actually a symbol for my spiritual footprint, at least that's the phrase that popped into my head when I was thinking about the meaning of the recycling bin in my dream. That got me to thinking about the concept of a spiritual footprint. You know, a record of every thought and action, from how you treat other people to how you respect your own gifts. The more respect and love you embody, the more your spiritual footprint grows.

Because, unlike a carbon footprint, the bigger the size of your spiritual footprint, the more awesome you are as a human being.

You see, I've been going along spreading comfort far and wide: to my family, my friends, my clients, even my animals…but rarely do I spread that comfort upon myself. Sure, I preach about respecting others and respecting yourself by engaging in a regular practice of self care, but my spiritual footprint encompasses so much more than that. I have spent years telling myself that I'm not creative; sure I can write, but only prose that is analytical in scope with a side of snarky wit thrown in for color. Creative writing is never something I felt I could be successful at, because I don't have a creative bone in my body. At least, that's what I thought until I started Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way course in creativity. After six weeks of doing the exercises in the course, the daily practice of writing morning pages has expanded my scope enough to see that my spiritual footprint has been rather meager most of my life.  I am a creative spirit trapped inside the body of a logical busy-bee, and that's something that is going to change.
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