Parenting Tip: Traveling with kids…

Traveling with Kids puts the "Labor" in Labor Day Vacation!

Posted by Emily Oppelt on 8/31/2012 to Raising Genius Heads Kids

If you haven’t left already, you’re probably packing up to do so! Road trips are the best but require a lot of work. Along with the stress of securing the dogs, making sure I remember to bring my deodorant, sunscreen, and bug spray, my husband’s socks and wallet (yes; we went on a trip and forgot the credit card once! Lesson learned.), I also have to pack up my two daughters (ages 7 and 9)—clothes, pajamas, toothbrushes—AND make sure there are enough activities and snacks to fuel the entire trip (I’m a “let’s get there” kind of person not a “let’s stop and smell every rose along the way” person—meaning quick bathroom and gas stops ONLY!).It’s overwhelming to say the least that by the time we get back, (all parents can probably relate) I feel I need a vacation from my vacation.

Planning is everything! There’s nothing better than an organized car trip! 😉 So check out these tips from including engaging your kids in the planning process so they know what to expect and giving each child a “job” (depending on age) from pumping the gas, to collecting the trash along the way.

And here’s an interactive blog site with more “tips & tricks” and to share learned wisdom from your experiences.Enjoy! And Happy Labor Day!

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