Life Coach Lessons: Report from the Trenches…

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I was talking to the brilliant Dr. Dawn Dalili last week about teachers and healers. If you don't know Dawn, she is a naturopathic doctor who practices in Niceville, Florida; you can contact her at if you want to feel better than you ever thought possible. I went to Dawn a couple of months ago when I was plagued by migraines...again.

I've struggled with migraines since I was in college, but in the last two years, since I went completely gluten free, they have virtually disappeared. A couple of months ago, the migraines started to creep back. The regimen recommended by my neurologist of no gluten plus herbal supplement plus Wellbutrin stopped working. My energy was rock bottom; I was putting on weight; and I felt like ten pounds of crap shoved in a five-pound sack. I needed help, but I didn't know what kind of help I needed. I ran into a woman that I had previously met at a networking function, and I was stunned by how good she looked. She had dropped weight, gained a new outlook, and virtually sparkled; I wanted me some of that! She gave me Dawn's number, and that led me to a truly life changing connection. Working with Dawn has allowed me to go off all pills, herbal and otherwise, and my migraines are few and far between. When I feel that old pressure of an impending migraine, I can drink a cup of coffee and avoid it's magical. Taking the homeopathic remedies has increased my energy level to the point that I WANT to exercise and eat right. I don't have cravings for sugar, and I sleep like a teenager in a growth spurt. This is a really long way of explaining why I was in Dawn's office, where we were talking about teachers.

We are both teachers and healers of a sort. She has gone to medical school, is wise beyond measure and has initials after her name, I don't, but we both help people heal themselves. We were brainstorming about what might help our clients attain a level of health that makes them sparkle and how we could partner up in a program to deliver those results (I will give you all the details as they develop). Then we started differentiating between the healers that preach from the mountaintop and the ones who share from the trenches. Nothing against the healers on high, but I'm much more of a trenches kind of gal. The speakers and teachers that look down upon the masses, tossing pearls of wisdom in measured, dulcet tones have always made me feel a little uncomfortable. I don't want them to show me how to follow their path, I want them to help me with all its' messy, chaotic glory. That's why I lay all my stuff right out there for you guys; so you can see that I use my own tools on my own crap, every stinkin' day...and so can you! From the mountain, the view may be pristine and expansive, but there's not a lot of complexity or's too far removed from the mess. I like the trenches better. Yes it's messy, ugly, and sometimes it's a little stinky, but it's real.

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