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Square Two: Dreaming and Scheming. Once you have grieved the loss of whatever illusions you brought into Square One, you can begin dreaming about who you will become at the end of the Change Cycle. If you can't dream it, you can't be it. This is my favorite square, and I return to it often as a respite from the reality of Square Three. The parenting book I'm writing was born in Square Two. The mantra for this square is, "There are no rules, and that's okay." This is the Square where the caterpillar dreams of becoming a butterfly. In this square new ideas will pop into your head at a moment's notice; I carry a notebook or my iPhone to record these ideas for future Square Three use. Square One and Square Two both take place internally; to the outside world, you look much the same. Square Three and Four are external, in that the outside world can see the changes or the results of the changes, a new job, spouse, or house, and perhaps a new look to go with said job, partner or abode. You will know that it's time to move forward when you feel compelled to act.

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