Travel Tip for July 27th

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When flying to your vacation destination, take precaution with pressure changes in the cabin.  During ascent air within the sinuses and ears expands. Typically your ear/ sinuses can equalize to adjust for pressure changed via patent eustachian tubes (ears) and sinus passages.  However, in the event that this does not happen, your ears can experience pressure build up and painful barotrauma. If you are unable to equalize your ears prior to travel, you may consider postponing your flight.  Close your mouth, plug your nose and breath out forcibly.  If your ears don't 'pop' you may be obstructed.  Talk to your travel health provider about taking a decongestant and nasal steroid spray to alleviate the congestion prior to flying. People who have recently had surgery need to consult with their physician prior to flying.

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