Trends: What magazines are you reading?

Magazines…What are you reading? Reader’s Digest or National Geographic?

As I sat and read my new Oprah magazine on the plane, I looked around and noticed that everyone was on an iPad or computer. Was I dating myself, not only with an Oprah magazine but the fact that I was reading actual paper pages that you could turn? So I started to wonder… who is still reading magazines and what are they reading? Should I be sitting here with a Vogue? Much more impressive. But at least I did not have a Family Circle in my hands. When I was growing up there was always a Reader’s Digest in my Grandparents bathroom. I never new why it was right by the commode. As an adult, I get it! But I like to take my iPhone in when I go and catch up on a Words With Friends game or text, yes... “tmi”. But it makes me wonder, how many people still have the Reader’s Digest by John? Who is still reading all of the magazines? How many other people opt to grab their phone or iPad when headed for the loo, in place of the tried and true Reader’s Digest. Well..... I did some research to see what is being read the most and here is what I found:

TOP 10 magazines in circulation today.... And, no, Oprah did not make the list.

 1) Better Homes and Gardens, since 2001, one out of five Americans read this magazine.  Always aspiring to be clever, crafty and have your home looking its best. It is fascinating that this is number one. Confirming once again, woman power in the consumer market. I thought maybe Playboy would be number one. Who knew ....


2) Game Informer, ok confession. I thought this was a hunting magazine. I grew up in the south, so I have an excuse. It is not, it is about (wait for it)..... Games...Video games to be exact. In its 21st year of publication, this page turner has 7.5 subscribers. Game on!


3) Reader's Digest, the old tried and true, this baby has been in publication since 1922. It lost its number one spot to better homes and gardens in 2009 and has not regained its spot. However, global editions of Reader's Digest reach an additional 40 million people in more than 70 countries, with 50 editions in 21 languages. It has a global circulation of 17 million, making it the largest paid circulation magazine... Way to GO!


4) National Geographic, well it is good to know that number four on our list is not national inquirer. This baby has been around since 1888. It was formerly the National Geographic Magazine. It is the official journal of the National Geographic Society. So glad the polls show we are not all reading about trivial topics. Put this on top of your Cosmo when company is over and you are sure to impress.


5) Good Housekeeping, this baby has been in publication since 1885. Its name says it all, but did you know it took some activist positions in the past? According to wikipedia, "The magazine advocated pure food as early as 1905, helping to lead to the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. It prohibited the advertising of cigarettes in the magazine in 1952, twelve years before the Surgeon General's warning labels were required on cigarette packs. "

Nice job! I am going out and buy one tomorrow!


6) Woman's Day, they began circulation as a free publication given out by A&P. "The US edition began publishing in 1931 as a free A&P in-store menu/recipe planner, calculated to make customers buy more by giving them meal ideas in an easy-to-read format available inside A&P grocery stores."

Who knew??


7) Family Circle, in publication since 1932.

"In November 2009, Family Circle launched their social network Momster ,,  for moms of tweens and teens." Very progressive!


8) People Magazine, People is perhaps best known for its yearly special issues naming "Most Beautiful People", "The Best Dressed", and "The Sexiest Man Alive".  It has been in publication since 1974. It was named "Magazine of the Year" by Advertising Age in October 2005, for excellence in editorial, circulation and advertising. People ranked #6 on Advertising Age's annual "A-list" and #3 on Adweek's "Brand Blazers" list in October 2006.


9) Time Magazine, Time is the world's largest circulation weekly news magazine. It has been in publication since 1923.


10) Ladies' Home Journal, In publication since 1883. According to Wikipedia, “It was the first American magazine to reach 1 million subscribers in 1907.

During World War II, it was a particularly favored venue of the government for messages intended for housewives.”

There is a longer list on if you would like to continue….

I have to go “catch up” on the latest Reader’s Digest. Read on….

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