Raising Genius Heads Kids… Should you let youngsters watch a PG-13 movie?

Ok-- I admit. I let my kids watch movies that are probably not the best at teaching life lessons. But I feel it is an opportunity for the "real life" versus "fantasy" talk. My kids are nine and seven years old and last week we watched The Amazing Spider Man. We all enjoyed it. Was it violent? Yes. Was is romantic? Yes. Was it reality? No. But the question is: Do our kids know that?

Movie Theatre Kids

Experts are now saying they do not advocate showing youngins movies with a PG-13 rating--(oops!)--stating it presents a "grown up" image and kids shouldn't grow up so fast.

Do you agree? Or do you feel kids have an idea of fantasy and reality?


Posted by Emily Oppelt on 7/20/2012 to Raising Genius Heads Kids

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