Trends… Being Happily Married

Is it trendy to be happily married?
Well, it may not seem to be "the Trend" but it is Trendy.
How many times do you see your friends on Facebook spout out never ending love for their wife or husband of 10+ years?
Well, if you want to get a good eye roll out of me, that will do it every time!
Get ready for this....'Marital Bliss' is something that we all must work for!!
The Book Fifty Shades of Grey might put a spark in our marriage for the next 10 weeks, but it will not get us through the next 10 + years. Here are some other things that might.
As you read, remember...The good things in life are worth working for! Get up every day and work at it. It will pay off!
Love ya Honey!! 12 years and counting...
What You Want More Than He Does--Time to Yourself
A whopping 72 percent of women say time alone is "extremely" or "very" important to achieving a happy marriage -- versus 54 percent of men. Why the difference? Probably because women feel more responsible for everyone else's needs, and that's an emotional drain. While we love being the emotional nurturers in our families, we should also realize we can't be "on call" all the time, says Michele Weiner-Davis, author of Getting Through to the Man You Love. Wives can learn from their husbands here. "Men are much better at going off on their own," says Weiner-Davis. "They don't ask permission, they just do it; whereas women, especially if they work and have children, feel guilty about taking time for themselves.
"Good Friends Outside of Marriage
While many of us say our husband is our best friend, we also recognize that we have different standards than men for what a best friend is. "Women generally think that best friendship means sharing each other's deepest longings,mistakes, fears, desires, history -- the more that's revealed, the better the friendship," says Schwartz. "Most men grow up with a more modest definition: Friends are guys they do stuff with." A smart woman, adds Schwartz, understands that the man in her life is being as good a friend to her as he can but that she still needs more. She turns to her girlfriends for their humor, their perspective, and their ability to talk about ideas, people, and emotions.

Sex -- More and Better                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Good sex" is the only good-marriage ingredient husbands say they care about more than wives do. We do care -- we just don't give sex the priority men do: 75 percent of men versus 62 percent of women say good sex in marriage is "extremely" or "very" important.

Yeah, we know what you're thinking: Isn't that just like a guy, to have nothing but sex on his mind? But hear out the experts on this: They say men have sex and then feel close, while women like to feel close and then have sex.

"A woman can't fathom how a man would want to have sex with her if they haven't bonded first through talking," says Weiner-Davis. "The only thing she can imagine is that sex is just like scratching an itch to him. She misses the mark completely -- that for men having sex is feeling close. When a man doesn't have sex with his wife, he feels hurt, he feels rejected, he just shuts down emotionally. And then, guess what: He doesn't feel like spending time with her. My message is: 'Hello, women! There's a way around all that!'"

In other words, take a man's love of sex as an expression of closeness -- and use it to get the emotional closeness you both want. And while you're at it, consider that seven out of 10 men and women already give their own marriages an A or a B on "good sex." Not bad for busy parents!

What Needs Work: You Want Better Communication                                                                                                                          Nobody's marriage is perfect, of course. So when we asked you to grade your marriages and say what would make them better, we uncovered other areas that need work:

Nearly everyone in our survey believes communication is important -- yet 31 percent of women and 26 percent of men think their marriages barely pass muster in this department. Which comes as no surprise to the experts, who say that trouble talking things out is universal -- it exists even in the best marriages.

John Gottmann, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle, has identified in his "love lab" the communication patterns that determine which couples will stay together -- and stay happy. Happily married couples, he says, largely succeed in avoiding these four negatives in their conversations: criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.
They also tend to practice these positive techniques in conversation with their mates:

Take turns talking.
Don't give unsolicited advice.
Show genuine interest.
Communicate understanding of the spouse's problem.
Take his/her side.
Express a "we against others" attitude.
Show affection.
Validate the spouse's emotions.

If your mate doesn't exactly make a habit of practicing these conversational techniques, you can influence him for the better by trying them on him.

What Needs Work: You Want to Resolve Those Nagging Conflicts                                                                                                        More than a third of men and women believe their marriages would improve if they could fight less and agree more. Most of us don't realize, though, that not every conflict can be resolved. Gottmann's research indicates that even in happy marriages, most fights are about "perpetual problems."

"I toot the horn about this," says Weiner-Davis, "because so many people have misconceptions that can lead them to divorce. They think if they were better suited to each other or more skilled, they would not
have these issues. But there are some issues that will not be resolved. The peace comes from knowing this is so." You may feel, for example, that your husband's work keeps him away from home too much -- but you know the two of you can stay happily married even if you never quite see eye to eye on this issue.

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