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The WSPD Equation

Westside Urban Market + White Provision = Westside Provisions District

Still confused? Our blog post explains it all.

Really Good Stuff

In 1998, while scouting locations for a future retail development, entrepreneurs Kathleen Walker and Michael Phillips stumbled upon the remnants of Atlanta’s original meatpacking district. Back then, Westside Atlanta was a crumbling, forgotten part of town, home to an underground community of designers, upholsters, artists, craftspeople and tradesmen. With their interest piqued by the arty, urban vibe, Michael and Katie also shrewdly took note of the area’s proximity to I-75/85, Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown. Pretty soon it was clear they’d discovered the perfect location for their first retail venture, Westside Urban Market. They began by carefully curating the ideal mix of boutique retailers and restaurateurs. Working together in community, these entrepreneurs created an entirely unique, quintessentially Atlantan shopping and dining destination.

Pretty soon, locals, out of towners and the media began buzzing about Westside Atlanta and other developers started sn

iffing out opportunities in the area. One of the most notable was international investment leader Jamestown, who, in collaboration with Chris Faussemagne, Mike Millett and Michael Phillips of White Provision Development Company, purchased the tract of land along Howell Mill Road from Bishop Street to 14th Street, including the historic meatpacking building White Provision. Michael and Katie got together with the new White Provision owners, Chris and Mike, to talk shop, and the rest is history. Westside Provisions District, born of a marriage between Westside Urban Market and White Provision, is now forever linked by an iconic footbridge and a shared commitment to authenticity.

Today, Westside Provisions District is THE place to go for really good stuff in Atlanta. Spend a day the Westside way, and explore everything WSPD has to offer.

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