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Be among the first to tipple and sup upon handcrafted libations and Southern snacks in Decatur's handsome new watering hole. Fried bologna, bottled cocktails, Old Fashioneds on tap... we're already smitten.

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Malaya Restaurant

SCOUT NOTES: That menu from the nearby Asian takeout joint you have stashed in a drawer... y'know, the spot that offers gelatinous, sticky-sweet attempts at sesame chicken? Yeah, you can go ahead and toss that out right alongside those congealed lo mein noodles they brought you, because really, that's no way to live. And with a place like Malaya in town, there's no reason to deprive yourself of bold flavor, fresh ingredients, and maybe even a few dishes you've never tried before: Malaysian pot roast, perhaps, or maybe a nice batch of spicy sambal wings. So go ahead and shred up that menu, bid farewell to the delivery guy you know by name, and think no more of bland, mysteriously viscous takeout. Once you get a taste of, say, Malaysian mango shrimp, or Singapore rice noodles for dinner, I don't think you'll have any trouble forgetting.

Tucked, as all the best culinary gems seem to be, inside a strip mall, Malaya's been dishing out their specialty Malaysian, Chinese, and Thai goodness since '95 (an age to which some anthropologists refer as the Preolympic Era). Two decades — or, in Atlanta restaurant time, approximately a century — of serving authentic Asian cuisine has grown quite the loyal following of regulars, who come for the roti and stay to hang out with owner/chef Michael. (His daughter, Melanie, tells me he and his wisecracking sense of humor have something of a cult following among the regular crowd). But back to the menu. Or, rather, menus. There's three of 'em, and depending on whether you're in the mood for Szechuan beef, pad Thai, or Malaysian seafood curry, there's bound to be a dish that'll make your mouth water. No matter which you end up choosing, heed my advice: start your supper with the roti. The warm, buttery flatbread is flakey on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and it's served with a bowl of spicy sauce that you will almost certainly want to lick clean. From there, it's choose your own adventure, whether you explore Malaysian pot roast (rendang), sambal wings, Thai curries, Hunan beef, or a little bit of everything for dinner. Me? I'd go with that last one. Just make sure you don't forget the roti. And top all of this off with a big, cold glass of sweet, creamy Thai tea. You can thank me later.

Roti, $4.95
Panang Curry, $8.95
Kari Ayam (Malaysian Chicken Curry), $9.25
Rendang (Malaysian Pot Roast), $10.95
Singapore Rice Noodles, $9.95

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