Trendy this week… Super Heros in the movies and at the Beach

Ever want to be a Super Hero? Well, who doesn’t. The big box office hit that kicked off the summer “The Avengers”  is Proof of that. Grossing $200.3 Million, it  is the top U.S. debut ever.

Summer is definitely here! Just when it starts to get really hot this summer, do yourself a favor and take a trip to the movies.

So how can you sport your best effort to be Super Hero like while cooling off outside?

You can sport that look on the beach:


Who doesn’t look cool in a WonderWoman Bathing suit?

Or your show your children off dressed like spiderman romping through the sand or by the pool to save the world.


Source for Super Hero Bathing Suits: Super Hero Stuff

Fear not, “Spiderman“ will be out in July. Just when it is Sweltering and you wish you had the super power to make it cool off.

If you can make it to the movies to get cool, you can always spend a nice summer evening at home watching one of the top 10 Best Super hero films :

Top 10 Super Hero Movies

Here are some links to other cool superhero stuff if you just feel like wearing it all of the time to remind yourself that you cannot be defeated:

Super Hero Jewelry

More Super Hero Jewelry

Super Hero Phone and Computer Cases

So stay Super Cool this summer whether by the water or in the cinema!

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