This weeks Trend is all about being SEXY!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Pretty is as Pretty Does"? Well that goes for everything, "Stupid is as Stupid Does" "Crazy is as Crazy Does" it goes on and on. My personal favorite..."Sexy is as Sexy Does". AS we approach this summer season, sexy is definitely the trend. There is nothing better than to see some confident woman, or man, strutting their stuff at the pool or the beach. Especially those that do not look like they have been airbrushed or teeth extra whitened before they before there. You know the real me.

Sexy is a state of mind. If you cannot get there on your own, here are some things that will help...

Sexy Summer Hair... Bumble and Bumble Spray


Lemon Drop Martini Click here for Recipe


Sunny Pedicure Essie "Orange, It's Obvious"


And last but not least... The Book of the Times

"50 Shade of Grey" Image


A special thanks to my Very Sexy friend Lisa Milko of My Event Perfect for her contribution to this weeks "Trends" content.

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