Tips and Trends for Mother’s Day


Have you ever heard the Phrase....“She is Such a MOTHER” ?

Well, this Sunday, May 13, that is a good thing to be called. What is trending in Mother’s Day gifts, you ask? As a mother myself, I would say the best gift you can give is kindness (it’s free). But if you cannot muster that, here are some other ideas:

i-pad , NO special deals on these-sorry Folks

If you don’t love her that much…Get her a case from my new Favortie Place

Coveroos  Right now this site has a 15% off for custom cases, code: 2012momsday. My personal Favorite is the Wonder Woman case.

Garden: Ready to Grow Kit : EarthBOX

Or go local at Farmer D Organics, They will set you up with what ever you need to get a garden started.

Another great gift- even at last minute: Electronic Picture Frame from one of My Favorite places: Target 

Then there is the old fashion present (and one of my favorites!!) The home made frame with a picture they selected or drew themselves. If you are over 40, this is not an impressive as when you were 5. But I am sure it will still go along way. I mean come on, she is your mom!

Amanda Formaro with tells you how to make something great: Frames

These should get big hugs and kisses.

Now, if your mother is no longer walking among us please know that she is with you still. Say your own little prayer. Remember how lucky you are that she is still, no matter what, ... your MOM!!

Enjoy the weekend!

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