Travel Tips for April 27

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Are you going diving anytime soon? Always consult dive charts to get correct information regarding decompression times. Divers breath air that is compressed, which has to dissolve within the body's tissues. The ability to dissolve depends on the depth and time it takes for the diver to ascend to the surface. If the diver ascends too quickly, the gas can overly saturate the tissue, and form bubbles. This can cause "the bends." Symptoms include joint aches, coughing, itching, extreme fatigue and weakness. To prevent this, a diver should ascend slowly. Do not shower immediately following dives. Do not fly for minimum 24 hours after a dive. If trauma or "the bends" occurs, seek medical treatment immediately. Have a safe and fun dive. (If you wish to read more on diving, please visit the CDC's website).

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