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Featured Area: Virginia Highlands

The History of Virginia-Highland dates back to 1812, when William Zachary bought and built a farm on 202.5 acres (0.819 km2) of land there. At some point between 1888 and 1890 the Nine-Mile Circle streetcar arrived, , making a loop of what are now Ponce de Leon Avenue, North Highland Avenue, Virginia Avenue, and Monroe Drive. Atlantans at first used the line to visit what was then countryside, including Ponce de Leon Springs, but the line also enabled later development in the area. Residential development began as early as 1893 on St. Charles and Greenwood Avenues, must most development took place from 1909 through 1926 — solidly upper-middle class neighborhoods, kept all-white by covenant.

Virginia-Highland, like most intown Atlanta neighborhoods, suffered decline starting in the 1960s as residents moved to the suburbs. Less-affluent residents moved in, some single-family houses were turned into apartments, and crime increased. What could have been the death knell for the neighborhood sounded in the mid-1960s, when the Georgia Department of Transportation proposed building Interstate 485 through the area. Despite this a few middle-class families began renovating homes in the neighborhood. The neighborhoods like others had formed and kept a strong neighborhood association and a strong identity: the area was now known as Virginia-Highland.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the area continue to gentrify, and by 2012 most of the art galleries, antique stores and neighborhood-oriented businesses had given way to a still eclectic collection of retail but which attracted more affluent and less alternative clientele.

Virginia-Highland is today one of the most desirable intown neighborhoods and consistently wins awards for favorite neighborhoods.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Virginia-Highland

1922 Real Estate Add for Virginia Highlands: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/1922_Virginia_Highlands.jpg

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1922_Virginia_Highlands.jpg

Featured Listings in Virginia-Highland:

New Construction

770 Drewry St NE

5 Bedroom / 6 Bath New Construction
List Price $1,099,000
fmls # 4331905

1920's Bungalow

 1039 Vance Ave NE
1920 Virginia Highlands Bungalow
List Price $650,000
6 Bedroom / 4 Bath

1930's Bungalow

897 Highland VW NE
1930 Virginia Highlands Bungalow
2 Bedroom /  2 Bath
List Price: $500,000
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