Trends – Day Glow? Really?! I’ll take pastels instead…

Now don't get me wrong. I am a Target Girl! I find there are days my kids and I are both sporting Target from top to bottom down to the underwear.
But I lived through the Neon Color in the 80's. I did not look great in day glow hot pants then and 2 children later, that has not changed.
So...Let's look to the true names in style to help reassure us that we DO NOT have to run out and buy skin tight yellow jeans to keep up with the fashion of the day. Prada...yes I said Prada, says the Pastel is in this season, amongst other things., Pastels I can handle. A soft blue or green skirt - yes that is more my style. And if Prada is doing it, then who am I to questions.
Sorry Target, I have to side with Prada on this one, even though my closet is not heavy on Prada ( I have none ) that does not mean I cannot be creative and follow their direction.
For great ideas straight from the run way, here you go... Prada Pastels

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