About Shamrocks

It is not only the Four-Leaf Clover that is the sign of the Irish. The Shamrock-the standard three Leaf that we see all of the time is important too....

The Shamrock
The green shamrock (trefoil or seamair Óg) is the national symbol of Ireland, but this member of the legume family may be white, red, or yellow. The Druids, ancestors of the modern Irish people, believed in the holiness of the trefoil because of a sacred symbol formed by its three leaves. The number three figures prominently in other religions, too. To Christians its leaves form a cross and serve to represent the Trinity. It was thought that followers of St. Patrick wore a shamrock on his feast day.

Legend also has it that snakes avoid trefoil, and that it is a remedy for snake and scorpion bites.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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