Typography and Letter Prints… Find yours!

We all need a little positive Reinforcement sometimes. Typography and Letter Prints are all the rage these days.
It is very easy to find one that speaks to you!
'One Kings Lane' website is featuring a wide collection. You can 'Pin it' on your Pinterest page (my personal favorite - it's free), order it for your wall or just look through them to get a glimmer of light in your day. One of the most widely seen of these prints today is the "Keep Calm and Carry On" phrase, with the Crown of King George VI at the top.
This print was one designed for a  British Propaganda Campaign in 1939, at the onset of the World War II. These prints were to be displayed all over the country once was was declared, but it was never officially issued. A copy was found many years later. Perhaps these prints speak to us today because they are simple and direct in world that can get out of hand. So my friends... "Be The Good,"  "Breathe in the Future, Breathe out the Past" and of course "Keep Calm and Carry On"
-Meghan Riley Parham

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