Featured Business: CrossFit Decatur

You've heard of CrossFit. You've seen it on the Biggest Loser. But what exactly is it?!

CrossFit is a STRENGTH and CONDITIONING program based on functional movements. Designed for universal scalability, it is the perfect application for any committed individual REGARDLESS OF EXPERIENCE.

The needs of an elite athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind, so we offer the same routines to all of our clients.

CrossFit delivers a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Our goal is to enhance what the body was naturally built to do; move functionally and painlessly at various degrees of intensity.

What does this mean? It means YOU can do it! And with Eric Willis' special offer, there's no reason not to try!

Bring your kids! CrossFit Decatur offers a kids program that incorporates their special, specific neurological, cognitive & motor developmental needs.

Contact Eric by email at: Info@crossfitdecatur.com or visit the website for more details: www.crossfitdecatur.com.

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