Cheese, Please – a cheese primer.

By Lisa Milko at EventPerfect.

Need an inexpensive crowd-pleaser for your next cocktail party? When it comes to serving guests, there’s nothing quicker or easier than a cheese platter. For me, sometimes it’s a great meal in and of itself. Here are some tips on how to choose:

1- When choosing your cheeses go for a variety of different colors, textures and flavors.

2- Purchase one to two ounces per person when serving before or after dinner.

3- Serve on a flat platter, plate or board that allows guests to safely cut.

4- Arrange in advance, cover with plastic wrap and store in the frig.

5- Let all the cheeses come to room temperature for 30 to 60 minutes before serving.

6- Provide a separate knife for each cheese so that flavors don’t co-mingle.

7- Serve with a baguette and crackers. The Pepperidge Farm Entertaining Quartet may not be gourmet, but everyone loves them.

8- Garnish or serve with olives, grapes, pears, nuts and/or apples (be sure to drizzle with lemon juice to keep slices from turning brown). If serving the cheese as an after dinner course, you can also partner with chocolates or cookies.

Serve with a glass of Prosecco and enjoy!

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