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We are your neighbors. Neighbors by definition live and work in the neighborhood. Neighbors know you and what your community needs. As a neighbor, we have lived in the Candler Park/Lake Claire/Druid Hills area for the last 25 years. Your neighbors care about each other, and we care about YOU! At CorrectMed Pediatrics, our family provides comprehensive care to the community.

My family members are: David Goo, MD, a pediatric emergency physician with 25 years of experience at Emory and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, my daughter, Jessica Doyle, MD, our primary care pediatrician (who also graduated from Emory), and my wife, Susan Doyle, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife). Susan has 20 years of gynecology experience and will be providing adolescent gynecologic care.

We are here to provide our community individualized care, and you can count on us to serve your neighborhood for years to come. People want the personalized touch of their primary care physician. Wouldn't it be great if that practice could offer high quality urgent care as well? Usually, sick and injured children are directed to the emergency department. ED visits require high co-pays, long waits, and fragmented care. Our practice uses a novel approach that we hope will be the future of excellent, affordable health care. We combine pediatric primary and urgent care to offer preventative care as well as treating acute injuries and illnesses. CorrectMed Pediatrics is your emergency department alternative! We care for broken bones, lacerations, asthma, give IV fluids and medications, and much more.

Imagine paying a $20-30 co-pay (a primary care co-pay) to see YOUR doctor at your same office and have all but the most acute care needs managed there. Saving money on your co-pay is great, but saving time with a sick child is PRICELESS. Our facility is a brand new, state of the art facility with a lab, x-ray, and procedure room. The clinic is child friendly and brightly decorated, so much so that kids do not want to leave. Please come by and see us. Quality, personalized care is a premium.

Healthcare is about providing excellent medical care to the community, and who better to do that than your friendly neighborhood practice, CorrectMed Pediatrics. Let our family take care of yours!

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Contact David Goo, MD at davidgoo@correctmed.com

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