REDISTRICTING INFO: Contact your representative TODAY, TUES. JAN 3

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"School Board Districts are determined by City Council Districts and the Council is proposing changes TODAY. At 11:15 am, there is a public hearing to decide their final map based on census data from 2010. "Plan 5" seems to be the one they're aiming for.

A parent has outlined what these changes could mean. No clue whether they are on target or speculation. Look for yourself!
"An avalanche of brief emails received today by Alex and Aaron and copied to the other council members offers those of us who live in school board district 3 (city council districts 5 and 6) the best (and perhaps last) opportunity to be heard.  Just a few lines will help - a sample is attached.


The final public hearing will be Tuesday morning at 11:15.  See the forwarded note from Janet Kishbaugh, which I think does a great explaining why this is important:

City Council is about to vote on a proposed re-districting map that will have a major impact on your Atlanta School Board representation!  Under City Council's proposed map, Plan 5, which will be voted on this Tuesday, Morningside-Lenox Park, Virginia-Highland, Ansley Park and Sherwood Forest will no longer vote for the School Board Representative that represents Grady High School - in fact, School Board District 3 will no longer represent ANY District High School.  Instead, Grady High  School will be moved into District 1 along with Carver and Maynard Jackson High Schools, and will be represented by the seats currently held by Brenda Muhammad and Courtney English.
City Council will hold one final public hearing on the proposed map, Plan 5, on Tuesday, January 3 at 11:15 a.m. in Council Committee Room 2 at City Hall.  The final adoption of this map by City Council is expected to take place at the City Council meeting the SAME DAY, at 1:00 p.m. Under this plan, District 6, our City Council District, will expand northward to add the Lindbergh area and the Brookwood Hills neighborhood. To balance this addition, the District will lose Candler Park and Midtown (south of 14th  Street) neighborhoods to District 2 (currently represented by Kwanza Hall).  You can view the map at:

Why does this change our school board representation?   School Board districts are drawn based on the City Council district in which they sit.  So, for example, School Board District 1 (currently Brenda  Muhammad) represents the district that is made up of City Council Districts 1 and 2.   Our area sits in School Board District 3 (currently Cecily Harsch-Kinnane) which is made up of City Council Districts 5 and  6.  The At-Large School Board representation goes along with the underlying districts (so At-Large Seat 7 (Courtney English) represents School Districts 1 and 2; At-Large Seat 8 (Reuben McDaniel) represents School Districts 3 and 4, etc.)

Under the Plan 5 Map, Grady High School will no longer fall within School Board District 3 or At-Large Seat 8; it will now sit in School Board District 1 and At-Large Seat 7.  Accordingly, Morningside, Virginia-Highlands, Ansley Park and Sherwood Forest will elect a School Board representative (School District 3) with NO District High School in their district and an At-Large representative who represents only North Atlanta High School and not Grady. Concern about this re-districting was raised with Councilmember Alex Wan earlier but so far the maps do not reflect any corrections.  There has been no airing of the re-drawn school board districts at any  School Board meeting.

Also under the Plan 5 Map, Candler Park  will move into School Board Districts 1 and At-Large 7.  Lake Claire will remain in School Board District 3 along with Druid Hills, Morningside-Park, Virginia Highland, Ansley Park and Sherwood Forest.

If this is not acceptable to you, you have one chance to be heard -- TUESDAY, January 3 at 11:15 a.m.  It will go to a full vote of Council on Monday at the Council meeting at 1:00 p.m.  Then it will go to the Department of Justice. Once the Department of Justice approves the map,  the changes will take effect for the 2013 election cycle. The current District 6 and School Board District 3 lines will remain until the election cycle.

Also, send emails to the City Council, especially Councilmember Alex Wan at and At-Large Councilmember Aaron Watson at  And the rest of the Council:

Caesar Mitchell,

Carla Smith,

Kwanza Hall,

Ivory Young,

Cleta Winslow,

Natalyn Archibong,

Howard Shook,

Yolanda Adrean,

Felicia Moore,

C.T. Martin,

Keisha Bottoms,

Joyce Sheperd,

Michael Julian Bond,

Lamar Willis,

And Municipal Clerk Rhonda Johnson,"

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