Demographics: Where Are We and What Can I Do?

Where we are:

The APS-hired demographer's presentation was held on Thursday Dec 1 at Parkside elementary. At that open meeting they presented the four options that have been concluded from their research based on the APS criteria set forth: class size, current school capacity, consensus data, etc.

See notes to meeting presentation, maps and options:

The conclusion of this meeting was that the four options were spring boards to the next phase. The demographers will be introducing to the decision process additional items, including the results of the survey requested to be filled out by all residents by December 16th. This survey asks which option is preferred at each level (options and choices can vary per school). It also asks for reasons for your answers. At the presentation, the demographers were clear to explain that this is the place for new ideas and they want to hear them.

Survey link

The survey will be reviewed and assessed by demographers and re-presented by end of January (estimated date). They will work from there. The top two option choices will be the direction that the demographers will work on, taking into consideration the additional ideas presented. We cannot stress enough the importance of filling out this survey. Please do so. Again, the due date is December 16th.

Since that meeting the Mary Lin PTA has had a small informal meeting with members of each community to get an overview from each neighborhood’s perspective. At that meeting, compiled of 16 residents, the following was concluded based on review and analysis of each option.

Neighborhood Meeting Regarding APS Capacity / Utilization Study 2011

Tuesday morning a meeting was held by the community group "30307" where Boyd Baker outlined the community channels to best communicate.

Among many of the items discussed were:
1.    In this process, the final decision maker is the school board. This board is made up of 8 members, for each district (APS links to district breakdown). The Mary Lin Elementary / Inman Middle School / Grady High School (District 3) elected representative is Cecily Harsch-Kinnan. She issued a letter to express her thoughts on the matter: Click here for a copy of the letter.
2.    The assumption of the 30307 meeting was that the letter's intent is to send a call to the elementary schools' neighborhoods imploring them to work together, as this can be a trying process for the residents affected. For complete details, click here.
3.    The direct connection to the board members is the LSC (Local School Council). If a request is made by the council to the board, it has to be heard.
4.    The school superintendent, Errol B. Davis, Jr. is the link between the principals, the LSC, and the community. The comment as to how much more invoiced he is than Dr. Hall and that he is committed to this process is consistently heard.

For more information, click these Local School Council links:

**Just Released! Please read the letter posted at 9:10 pm by Superintendent Errol B. Davis, Jr. by clicking here. In it, he reiterates that this is just a step in the process, not the final decision. Please take the survey, there will be an additional community meeting in January to further the process.

What can I do?

1.    Attend and listen to the results of these community meetings. Talk to your neighbor. Be informed.
2.    Take the survey, by the 16th and attempt to have common direction with the voice of the neighborhood.
3.    Keep in mind that “it takes a village”... It truly does.
4.    Challenging times bring people together but can also tear them apart. This is a grand opportunity for residents to grow in so many ways. Be clear in your message and listen to others. Together the outcome will be great and our children will grow in mind and spirit

Upcoming Community Meetings:

  1. Tuesday, December 06, 2011, 7:00 pm: Candler Park Neighborhood Association @ Epworth United Methodist Church.
  2. Saturday, December 10, 2011 9:30 am: Lake Claire Neighborhood Association @ The Frazer Center.
  3. Mary Lin LSC will host an open meeting on Thursday Dec 8th at 8:15 in the Mary Lin Auditorium.



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