Helpful Halloween Tips for the Aftermath of Trick or Treating!

From: Inman Park Kids Dental Spot

Hint number 1:  Try to avoid very sticky or hard candies:  candy corn, skittles, starburst, jolly rancher, taffy, gummy bears, caramel, etc.

Hint number 2:  Try to stick to chocolate candies.

Hint number 3:  Set aside a couple of pieces of candy from their stash, for dessert after dinner.

Hint number 4:  Don’t graze on the candy throughout the day.  Have their candy consumption occur during their lunch or dinner. The extra saliva produced during meals will help dissolve the sugar. It’s more likely that children will get cavities, looking at the consumption of sugar over the course of the whole day, as opposed to segmented meal times.

Hint number 5:  Brush twice daily, as well as after sweets have been consumed.  Floss daily.

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